Dear Parents/Guardians,
      Welcome to our third grade website! Please visit us here often and find out about our cooperative learning environment where every member learns, grows, and achieves together in a safe, friendly, caring environment. My goal is to create a classroom where every child feels comfortable, secure, and accepted by his/her peers while taking pride in their learning and making gainful academic achievement.
      Third grade is a place for growth and change. The children work hard on new reading skills and strategies as they develop comprehension, accuracy, fluency, and vocabulary through The Daily 5 language arts structure. Research shows that good readers are strategic readers who think about what they are reading and connect it to what they know about the world. This is where children begin to make the transition from learning to read to reading to learn. We will practice our thinking as we read various genres and read to learn about various topics related to Social Studies, Science, and Health. We will develop our thinking through written responses that are connected to our learning experiences.
      Finally, in third grade we will be learning and developing different problem solving skills that apply to everyday math through the Daily 5 Math classroom structure.  We will use maniuplatives along with paper and pencil activities to learn and discover strategies used to solve everyday math problems.  Our thinking and steps to solve problems will be recorded in our math journals.
      We hope you check out our website often.  You will find our newsletter, important dates, photos, links, and other important information here.  We are excited for the promise of great things to come - your child's growing and learning.  We look forward to sharing our year with you!
      I can always be reached at 724-843-1795 ext. 303, but the best way to contact me is through e-mail at jsnair@nbsd.k12.pa.us , I am able to check it more frequently than phone messages and it may result in a more immediate response.    
Mrs. Snair